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Sense Nightclub's grand entrance sets the scene for it's dazzling interior with its spacious surroundings, LED screens, leather seating and large cloakroom. It creates a welcoming atmosphere before you commence your perfect journey into the club.

Sense operates over two floors through connecting rooms and a majestic staircase. Its features include an unparalleled Electrovoice XLB Line Array sound system, state of the art lighting and visuals, stunning decor, astonishing LED and plasma screens.

The club embraces 2 spacious dance floors, surrounded by 3 immensely large bars, ample seating, astounding stage and DJ Box. The setting pays a true admiration to a clubbing experience like no other.

Additional features include an outdoor party lounge and smoking area that presents a trendy chic suburban setting with LED screens and BBQ area. The chilled bar and abundant seating available allows guests to enjoy the cool night air in this hidden enclave just a step away from the action.

The other jewel within the club is its exclusive VIP area named 'V-Lounge' located on the upper floor providing a birds eye view of the dance floor. Elaborate and distinctive, the 'V-Lounge' offers an elegant retreat from the action where guests can party in comfort and style with table service from the private bar.


'The City' is our second VIP area facing the V-lounge on the upper floor balcony of the club and it also provides a birds eye view of the dancefloor. The City Style bar for our loyal customers and guests alike is the ideal area for a bit of comfort and privacy but yet so close to everything that is going on in the core of the club.

The "Secret Lounge" is our latest addition to the club. It allows it’s visitors an area to relax, unwind, chat and party in luxurious surroundings, while having its own private dance floor and bar as well as waiter service providing an extensive cocktail and drinks menu. It gives you access to the main club no more than a few steps away but when you do step into the "Secret Lounge" you are transported into a Parisian boudoir inspired room with class and chic unrivaled by any other V.I.P area - Simply its "Exclusive, Not Elite"

Essential customer extras are not missed throughout with an additional cloakroom, 6 different toilet facilities and bank machine.

In short these amazing features within one venue is attracting capacity crowds every week and the experience has to be lived to truly believe!

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Sense Nightclub is located within the Glenavon House Hotel. The 62 bedroom hotel has great restaurant and leisure facilities. Why not avoid the hassle of taxis's and transport and take advantage of some of the party and stay offers.
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